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Can I use your music in my monetized YouTube videos?

To use our music legally in your YouTube videos and get your videos or channel whitelisted in the YouTube Content ID system, you can join one of our Membership Plans.


What is the Content ID System? And how can I benefit from it?

Content ID system manages YouTube copyrights. When your YouTube video or channel is added to the Whitelist in the Content ID system, you will no longer receive copyright claims from us for using our music in your YouTube videos.


Does Membership plans cover using your music in my App, Indie Film or Promotional video?

Yes, you can use our music in your indie films, apps and commercials after purchasing any of our Membership Plans.


Does any of your Membership plans include Broadcast usage on TV?

No, To use our music on TV you'll have to purchase a license via


Does any of your Membership plans include the usage of music in Feature Films?

No, To use our music in Feature Films you'll have to purchase a license via


Can I use your music tracks in multiple projects?

Yes, you can use our music tracks in multiple projects if you have our Membership.


What are the genres of your tracks?

Our collection consists of music in various genres, with different themes, moods and for various occasions, events & more. We cover genres such as: Ambient, Cinematic, Dubstep, Electronic, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Synthwave, Lofi & more.


Does Membership plans include different versions or edits?

We have up to 5 additional different versions for each track (underscore, 30sec, loops, etc.) included for all music tracks in Premium and PRO Membership plans.


Will I get all the rights to own the music?

No, you will get a non-exclusive license to use these music tracks in your projects & videos. All ownership rights belong to the Composer Squad.


Can I sell or give away this music?

No, our offers allow one user to use these music tracks & does not include selling or distributing music "as is”, as a part of a music package, or otherwise. The ownership & copyright of the music tracks belong to the Composer Squad, you only get the right to use them in your videos & projects.


How can I whitelist my YouTube video or channel?

After purchasing any of our Membership plans detailed information & instructions will appear in the “My Account” page.


Is your music copyright-free?

No, our music is copyrighted and protected by international copyright law. However, when you join our Membership or purchase a single-track license, you are granted the right to use our music in your videos, which will be whitelisted against any and all copyright claims from Composer Squad.


Will I receive a copyright strike or a claim if I use your music in my videos?

Copyright claims are automatically generated by the YouTube system. Please note a Content ID Claim is not a Copyright Strike. Copyright Claims don’t affect your YouTube Channel status. For claim release please see the instructions above.


What happens to my YouTube videos if my Monthly Membership subscription ends or is cancelled?

Your previously released and whitelisted videos will remain whitelisted forever, however, you won't be able to use our music in your newer videos, until you renew your subscription. This doesn't apply to Lifetime Membership. 


I have another question

If you have any questions at all, send us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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